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The Secret Method I Use To Get What I Want!

The Secret

Many, many years ago I learned all about ‘the secret‘ and how I could apply into my life. Advised by a person who gave me this technique also told me not to tell anyone as it was a Secret. Another part of this method I included was a benefit or benefits towards others.

How times have changed, and now the SECRET is out!

None of the books, videos I watched or read over the years described the technique I had learned or even discussed how this worked.

the secretPersonally, I think both articles namely, the voice within will help you to understand how to train your mind to communicate with your inner voice. Plus, “Do you believe in Karma,” it will let you know more about Karma what it is all about and how it fits into the scheme of things in life.

When you make up your mind about what it is you want in life, start using my method.

When you use this technique, do not tell anyone you are projecting your image. Nobody but you need to know!

How Does The Secret Work?

Visualise in crystal clear format and don’t leave anything out. Fill your thought with emotion, excitement as if you already have it in your possession.

Best times I found to project this message is in the early hours of the morning and later in the evening. Do it at the same time each morning and evening that will form a pattern. Do Not Think About This All Day Long!

Do not image while you are driving! Focus on the road, do your imaging first thing in the morning and later in the evening.

If you are working or you have your business focus on the tasks at hand and do not think about imaging.

The secret to this is letting it go and do not think about it all day long.

Here is an example of one of my many experiences using this method…

A couple of years ago I was thinking of downsizing and moving into a two bedroom apartment. I visualised the position of this unit to be facing East to West; it had to have a small garden at the back; a shed, a water tank, and a garage for the car.

The benefit for other people in exchange for the smaller unit had a mirror image of what was left behind.

Last year I had an alert from my inner voice, and I heard the words Sell! Sell!. I placed the house on the market
and spent the time packing and searching for alternative accommodation.

I visited two places – the first place I saw was only a single bedroom – nothing like my image of long ago. I was not happy!

I am now in the unit which I visualised all those years ago, and I am grateful for the source to have arranged this for me.

Julie Eden

P.S. I have kept this secret since I was 12 years old I am now over 70 years, and this is my gift to you.

P.P.S Now that you have my method and that is how it works for me, I would like you to do me a favour – please pass it on.



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