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Do You Believe in Karma?

Bad Karma

Few people believe in Karma (or retribution) and think anyone can “get away with anything”.

Some Karma-results are almost immediately, others delayed, quite often until another incarnation into another life has been affected. A retribution with immediate Karma results is that of jealousy and hatred.

do you believe in karmaFor instance, which does lead, when carried to detrimental action (like murder) to its obvious result of the ensued insanity of the slayer and consequent ruination of the spiritual personality of its host. (the spirit body, which is also the subconscious mind – known as our conscience, upon which everything registers).

It makes or destroys us for this – in the present, the next, and the world in another life beyond until Karma catches up with us and again delivers us from guilt and the “contamination” of our spirit, through adversity and suffering of a similar fate as was inflicted!

Or worse! If no amends are being made, leading to hell and damnation into the dark recesses of the spiritual universe.

Good Karma

There is also “good Karma!” For self-sacrifice or the denial of, and the resistance to, what tempted us into seemingly desirable gratification of the senses, for instance, such is usually rewarded with the bestowing of a better or greater valued “Blessing”; such as the acquisition of wisdom or higher knowledge.

The discovery and development of the theretofore hidden talent; or a marked increase in self-assurance and confidence and, with it, personal and subtle power!

Sometimes it is rewarded with exceptional achievement where the necessary talent is present in the person concerned.

Every loss is paid with a greater gain, and every gain has its loss. The “benefit” which mostly eludes our recognition, as a material gain is usually easier recognised and therefore more appreciated than a more subtle gain of a spiritual nature, which we take for granted.

The “material gain,” for which we mostly reach, as more desirable and of greater value, and which completely obsesses us as the ultimate achievement worth having.

It demands of us as payment the loss of our spiritual personality-as purer, more spiritual, greater in wisdom and universal appreciation not only from our fellow men but our ultimate advancement and place in the hierarchy of the realm of our afterlife.

Karma is Important

Karma, though, is an essential part of our lives and, with it, an important part of our personal development and evolution, which everything in our cosmos must undergo for the advancement of our universal and spiritual perfection.

It pays to live in “obedience” and “co-operation” and in “harmony” with the “laws of nature.”

Avoid the detrimental effects of punishment and consequent suffering for both: the victims and oppressors-in all violations of the “laws of life”, the “laws of nature”, “the laws of the universe!”

All of which are the divine laws or the “Laws of God.”


Author: Y. A. Eden



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