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Welcome to my world! – About Me!

Hello, my name is Julie Eden,

Here is a current picture of myself, Zara my Siberian Husky and David Volo, who is the owner of Werribee Motor Tuners at 121 Railway Avenue, Werribee, Victoria 3030 Australia Phone:038742 3949 mobile: 0407 350 435

Davids principle is “Honesty is the best policy” If you live locally and looking for an excellent mechanic, I suggest David Volo service your car.

I am standing with David Volo outside his business Werribee Motor Tuners, David Serviced my car today. My Siberian Husky name is Zara,

There is a proverb that I stand by: “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I want to be one person who contributes to making your life, as well as my own, come totally alive each day and every day.

Here are some highlights of my life;

I started work as a sales girl in fashions and stayed with one company for some years. Adventurous by nature, I sought office work, and I registered my services with several different agencies so, I was never out of work.

I secured a part-time position, later becoming full-time with a Bank. While working full-time, I undertook a course called ‘Associate Diploma in Applied Science in Animal Technology’ at the local University Campus. I had not been able to meet this University’s requirements for getting the several hours to practice in my chosen profession, so I did not receive my Diploma.

I left University to continue my course with an International Correspondence School, and the name of this course was ‘Animal Care’. I received a certificate 11 – Animal Care in 1999.

While studying at the University, one of my projects was to write a 2,500-word essay on two systems. I re-named this article for publishing on the Ezine Articles Directory. This interesting and amusing article called, ” Humorous Journey through the human body.”

Among my eclectic business interests is a “Guide to Successful Information Marketing”, in which I have a free e-book of the same name

Before my information Marketing career taking root, I exercised my creative whims at Picky Domains, wherein I think of a suitable name according to Picky clients, and when submitting the suggested name, it will instantly display on my screen showing whether it’s registered or still available. When the customer picks my suggestion, the client pays me, if the client likes my suggestion Picky Domains pays me. So, it is a win, win situation.

My other hobbies include training my Australian Cattle Dog to the highest standard level achieved in obedience training, a Utility Certificate before retiring him.

I find gardening relaxing and have taken an interest in starting a vegetable garden. It’s a good feeling to choose fresh green leaves from a variety of vegetables and herbs grown in one’s garden.

My other interests are reading books on Alternative Medicines. Healing mind, Reiki, Basic Reflexology. My blog, is underway as well.

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