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The Secret Method I Used To Get A New Toilet

My mother and I were discussing getting a new toilet installed because the existing one had a hairline fracture in the bowl.

We halted any further discussions about the toilet because of the budget at that time.

the secret method i used to get a new toiletIn the meantime, my inner voice was warning me to get it done urgently.

I wasn’t in the position where I could ring up during the day to make the necessary arrangements to hire a plumber. I was working full-time then, and as my mother was not in agreement to have this toilet installed, I decided to use the secret method I had learned all those years ago, and I did not tell anyone I was using it.

I started by imagining that I had this toilet already installed, I saw a white ceramic bowl with a shiny black seat, and it had to have a dual flush cistern. In my mind, I pushed the buttons one for a full flush and the other at half flush. Read my first article about the secret and times I use to image what I need.

My problem then was, how was I going to pay for the removal of the existing one and the re-install of the new.

A real estate agent hires a plumber to install a toilet, and he has to go to the office to get the name and address, so he goes to the room, and there is no one in sight to confirm it. He sees a yellow folder on top of the desk, picks it up and gets my name and address.

How the folder happened to be at the real estate agents office is because we used their service to buy a property and sell another. Why it was on the desk is another mystery.

A series of mistakes in my favour occurred when the plumber leaves the real estate office. He arrives at my address and my mother who was living with me at the time opens the door.

The plumber introduced himself by saying he has been contracted by the real estate agent to install a toilet at these premises. My mother, on the other hand, did not query it because she was familiar with the real estate agents name and because we had been discussing the toilet. She thought I had gone behind her back and had it arranged.

I arrived home, and the first greeting I had from my mother was “How dare you, go behind my back and arrange to get a new dual flush cistern toilet installed.”

I thought what the hell happened, so I took a look! Precisely the way I imagined it there it was. I told my mother it was a mistake and asked her for the phone number of the real estate agent. I phoned and asked them for the plumber’s name and phone number.

I advised the real estate agent that I needed the toilet, and I would take care of the bill with the plumber.¬†For several months I kept calling the plumbers number and spoke to his wife leaving messages for him to call me back. I hadn’t heard from the plumber for months, and in the meantime, with all these delays I managed to save up what I thought I needed to pay the bill.

When I had the money together, I rang the plumber’s number and spoke to his wife again, and this time I said to the wife to tell her husband to issue me with a statement. The invoice arrived without an address on it.

I rang the plumber’s phone number and spoke to the wife again and asked her for the address to send the cheque.

Julie Eden

P.S. Why did an employee of the real estate agent pull out my file and place it on the desk? I asked that question when I spoke to the real estate agent, and his answer was he didn’t know.

P.P.S. Be careful what you think and dwell on – you may just get it whether you want it or not. Be thankful that you get it!



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