Nature's Trinity

Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit – Plus Nutritious Recipes

Your health is precious – look after it!

How precious is the condition to be in good health! And it is therefore our duty to look after it? Physical Health is as important as Mental Health. We should eat natural healthy foods have regular exercise and some time…
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The Conscious and The Subconscious Mind.

The way I understand it, the subconscious is of the conscious mind. So, everything the conscious mind is aware of in the wakeful state, the subconscious is busy recording the “best not forgotten”! Whilst we are asleep the conscious mind…
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Didgeridoo Playing, Cures Sleep Apnea.

Didgeridoo cures sleep apnea; now I’ve heard everything playing a didgeridoo to cure a condition called Sleep Apnea. I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed the videos on how a didgeridoo is played and how it exercises and strengthens the…
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