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Living Longer and Looking Younger

If we go back in time, to the beginning, we can find the secret to living longer and looking younger. The first humans populating the Earth ate a diet of fruit and vegetables according to the Old Testament. Humans had neither fangs nor claws to kill, nor the swiftness to catch animals.

According to Dr Josiah Oldfield writes;

“Today there is Scientific fact assured – Man belongs not to flesh eaters, but to the fruit and vegetable greens, sprouts and seed eaters.”

Take a look at Dr Josiah Oldfields web site:

living longer and looking youngerIt is a known fact that eating the flesh of dead animals is hard to digest and some of it rots in the gut before elimination can take place and this putrefying residue is absorbed into the bloodstream, and it poisons the entire system.

Flesh-eating animals have a much shorter colon for faster elimination whereas humans do not. In humans some of the putrefying residue in the gut causes premature ageing, fatigue, toxicity and worms feasting on this waste.

The cells of the body must be supplied with the proper nourishment to efficiently eliminate this waste, and when something blocks this process, the cells and organs deteriorate and die.

By the time meat eaters reach the age of 50 years they will have accumulated a lot of undigested meat rotting in their gut.

Some human beings inflict pain on one another, eat their kind, murders, abuses its offspring and subjects cruelty towards their fellow creatures. Can you tell me what animal does all this, to its kind or that of others?

Is this type of behaviour in humans influenced by a diet of eating meat? Does it play a role in brain degeneration, insanity, aggressiveness, and general health problems?

I have met groups of Vegetarians and have noticed that they do not display this form of behaviour, they are easier to get along with, well balanced, harmonious with their family and friends. On average, you will find that they are also living longer and looking younger.

As meat eaters, how can you, on the one hand, support against the slaughter of whales, dolphins, seals and all the other oceans creatures when you support eating meat regardless of whether it swims, flies, or walks. You’re against eating Dog or Cat, but eat Cows, Chickens, Fish, Rabbits and Sheep. These animals are all living entities and have as much right to be here as we have.

Plant-based diet contributes to excellent health, without disease and sickness and promotes longevity.



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