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From Birth to Death!

The secret of keeping our physical bodies advancing on the journey from birth to death is through adequate nutrition, leading to radiant health and immunity.

The metabolism is a process which keeps the body alive, and by adding the vitamins, proteins, calcium to foods which may be lacking then it becomes another, but a healthy and life-giving component of the blood, nourishing through the circulation to every organ and vital parts of the body.

from birth to deathIn youth, the growth of “physical size” through the advancement of age – is a characteristic of our species, but health and general well being – other than determined by the genes – are undoubted to proper nutrition.

When reaching adulthood, the quantities and nature of previously essential nutrients slightly change. One eats less, and one needs less fat, which the growing body forms most tissues in various parts of the body and, as in adults already being established, this particular additive in the diet, is no longer required in the same quantities.

During this stage in life, it is essential to keep the body and all its organs and functions “functioning”, once again through adequate nutrition. One should eat regular meals of good, nourishing quality and varying types, to cover all essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients available.

Past middle age and progressive advancement in years the intake of nourishing food maybe neglected. Life becomes more sedentary, thus hindering the blood circulation to do its job of distributing the health-sustaining “sap”, causing organs through such deprivation to function less efficiently and deteriorating the condition of total health.

The inadequate intake of oxygen through lessened exercise also contributes towards this condition.

Indeed, our organs and body functions become less efficient through years of “usage”, and this condition also contributes towards the end. But the process can be postponed or delayed by observing the rules, which are, keeping the body healthy throughout life and notably, when this is most neglected – the more advanced years.

Keep in mind, that there is something “growing” for every disease and disorder, prevention and cure. The ageing, where life has begun its “journey downhill”, it is also commendable to remember that one “does not die until one gives up living”. Keep an active lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy foods. It may defer the incidence of dementia or senility or any other forms of disease.

Don’t forget that in every healthy body should dwell a healthy mind!

A healthy life as such cannot fail to have its rewards!

Wishing you good health and longevity… from birth to death.

Y.A. Eden



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