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Complete Self-Reliance!

Do you believe that complete self-reliance is possible? Well, it is.

Don’t ask advice from friends or acquaintances in solving personal problems. Each problem usually has two options for its solution.

Weigh the pros and cons of either side carefully and decide for the one which is the most advantages solution in your favour as the outcome of your decision.

Your own decision, according to your own needs is always what is the best decision and therefore the best for you.

complete self relianceSomeone else’s opinion is usually based on their outlook, conditioned by their personal experiences and therefore totally out of place for the solution to your problem.

Do not depend on others to do your duties and jobs for you; thus meeting the obligations that are yours and yours alone. Depending on others for such and similar favours will make you always feel obliged and therefore you never feel truly free with the freedom that only comes with total independence and complete self-reliance.

Do not borrow from others! It is best to buy your things or do without rather than live on borrowed money, goods and property which you know, you never own! While acquiring, possessions make you feel good or, being earned and therefore deserved!

Don’t borrow tools gadgets etc! Above all, never borrow money from your friends, because borrowing money can lead to the end of the friendship! If you must, in an emergency, borrow an item, return it promptly and undamaged, as otherwise, the repeat of such neglect meets with resentment and eventual refusal and your friend’s loss of respect for you.

When such favours from someone else are taken advantage of, make sure you repay same with an equal support or reward (like a useful gift), as this neutralises your obligation, which you incurred in the first place through accepting the favour.

It is advisable to get into habits of independent ways as a trait of one’s personality.

It makes the character stronger and earning greater admiration and respect, in preference to someone who is constantly dependent on others.

It gives the impression of the total absence of a “self” to rely on, which usually also results in a slothful, not caring person, drifting on – where ever the wind blows – a breeze without direction and purpose!

Self-reliance is like a fortress within you which is something to depend on and get strength from or meaning and purpose in one’s own life.

It also helps with the increase of confidence and self-assurance in one’s demeanour and trust and self-confidence in one’s decisions and consequent actions.

Remember that everything in life (and our association with others) has its price. Pay as you go, or do not incur “debts”, because one way or another – sooner or later you pay the price!

People who always serve you in some way or another soon tend to run your life and sometimes can give you the
feeling that they own you!

It is best to be free and rely on one’s complete self-reliance in every respect rather than be dominated by people through habitual dependence on others!

Author: Y. A. Eden



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