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About me! Welcome to my Nature's Trinity Blog, In my younger years my first job was sales in fashion. They say variety is the spice of life so, I changed from working full time in fashion to part time position in office work. When the recession hit, it was very hard to get any job. I persisted and managed to secure a part time position later becoming full time with a Bank. Whilst working for the Bank, I undertook a course called ‘Associate Diploma in Applied Science in Animal Technology’ at the local University Campus. I had not been able to meet this University’s requirements in getting the number of hours to practice in my chosen profession, I was advised I would not get my Diploma unless I put in the hours of practice. I left University and continued a similar course with an International Correspondence School and this course was called ‘Animal Care’. I received a certificate 11 – Animal Care in 1999. Whilst studying at the University for the Associate Diploma, one of my projects was to write a 2,500 word essay about two systems. I renamed this article for publishing on the Ezine Articles Directory. This interesting and amusing article is called ” Humorous Journey through the human body”. You will find this article plus other articles published on Among my eclectic business interests are a “Guide to Successful Information Marketing”, in which I have been involved in since 2012. Furthermore I give away a Free e-book of the same name on Prior to my information Marketing career taking root, I exercised my creative whims at, wherein I think of a suitable name according to Picky’s clients and when submitting the suggested name, it will instantly display on my screen showing whether it has been registered or still available. When the client picks my suggestion, the client pays me, if the client likes my suggestion PickyDomains pays me. So, it is a win, win situation. My other hobbies include training my Australian Cattle Dog to the highest standard level achieved in obedience training, a Utility Certificate before retiring him. If you are interested in how I achieved this you will find this article amongst other articles in the Ezine Articles directory. I find gardening relaxing and have taken an interest in starting a veggie patch since I have changed my diet to Vegan. My other interests are reading books on alternative medicines, listening to chill-out music, such as Walking in Harmony, Divine Intervention and Effortless Relaxation. Healing mind, body and soul is my life’s theme and ongoing work in progress, including healing modalities, Reiki Master, Basic Reflexology, Crystals, among others. My blog, is underway as well.